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Vegetable Glycerine, 60g

Vegetable Glycerine, 60g

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Vegetable glycerine is a clear, odorless liquid that has powerful moisture-attracting & hair conditioning properties. It is a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin & hair and helps to lock it in. 

For skin, it can be added to face masks, moisturizers, or used on chapped lips. For hair, it can soothe itchy, dry scalp and condition rough hair when added to hair masks or mixed with hair oil.

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Vegetable glycerine is the non-fatty component of vegetable oils. It is a clear, odorless liquid with powerful moisture-attracting, skin soothing & softening and hair conditioning properties.

Benefits for Skin: Pure Vegetable Glycerine is an outstanding moisturizer and cleanser that provides softening and lubricating properties. When used with other natural oils and ingredients, it can seal in moisture on the top layer of our skin while the other oils work their way deep into our cells to provide long-lasting moisture. It easily absorbs into the skin without making it greasy and even balances oil production.

  • add a drop or two to your face masks
  • mix 1-2 Drops with any Hydrosol or any Oil and apply as a moisturizer
  • apply it on chapped lips with any oil
  • basically add a drop or two with any oil and apply it anywhere your skin needs hydration

Benefits for hair: Pure Vegetable Glycerine can also soothe itchy dry scalp and condition rough dry hair.

  • add half a teaspoon of our vegetable glycerine to your hair masks
  • mix one tablespoon in any of of our haircare hydrosol
  • mix few drops with your hair oil to use it as a pre shampoo conditioning treatment

Two things that make us unique: Firstly, we source our ingredients directly from farmers in India to ensure top quality, unlike other brands that simply claim to use "farm-sourced" ingredients. Secondly, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective DIY beauty and wellness solutions. Our founder, a certified formulator and aromatherapist, carefully creates each recipe and shares her expertise with customers, empowering them to take charge of their own self-care.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hansa Singh
Best for winters

I mix it with lotion and it keeps my body very soft and moisturised for a long long time, until I take bath next time.
I have very dry skin and this is a saviour for me.

Pushkar Tyagi
Very gud

It is fantastic product. Very very useful in winter . Dry skin or dry hair k lye awesome

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