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Aloe Vera Gel [No added color/fragrance], 200g

Aloe Vera Gel [No added color/fragrance], 200g

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99% Aloe Pulp

Hair Conditioner

No added color

Our Aloe Vera Gel is harvested from aloe plants grown in Rajasthan, ensuring its high quality. It is free from added colors, fragrance, and fillers. Aloe vera has calming properties that help soothe skin inflammations, hydrate dry and itchy skin, regulate oil production, and alleviate insect bites and razor burns. When used as a pre-poo mask, it acts as a natural conditioner for hair.

Our aloe vera gel is composed of 99% pure aloe pulp & juice, with the remaining 1% consisting of aqua, a plant-based natural thickener (xanthan gum), and a food-grade preservative. Preservation is important to keep it shelf stable.

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Grown and harvested in:

Rajasthan, India


Aloe Vera Gel, Xanthan Gum (edible thickener), Potassium Sorbate (food grade preservative)

99% Pure Aloe Gel: NOT 100% BUT 99% PURE: Unlike many Aloe vera gels which claim to be 100% pure aloe gel, which is impossible, we genuinely claim our Aloe vera Gel to be 99% pure. The rest 1% is aqua, xanthan gum (plant-based natural thickener), and food-grade preservative.

Two things that make us unique: Firstly, we source our ingredients directly from farmers in India to ensure top quality, unlike other brands that simply claim to use "farm-sourced" ingredients. Secondly, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective DIY beauty and wellness solutions. Our founder, a certified formulator and aromatherapist, carefully creates each recipe and shares her expertise with customers, empowering them to take charge of their own self-care.

Customer Reviews

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Gouri A
Amazing 💯♥️

The best aloe vera gel I have ever used. Made my skin soo smooth and clear. My skin just loved it sooo much. Going to repurchase it forever ♥️

One of the best Aloegel

Been using blenditraw products almost from last 2 yrs...tried multiple products...can say one of the best
brand to get quality skincare products..I really love trying Diy creams , preparing oil infusions etccc. This time tried preparing Aloevera gel infused with rosehipoil+ saffron+ almond oil --- the process of making this itself is so therapeutic &&& loved the texture and colour of this infusion to the core..the aloegel as a base provides lightweight, cooling non greasy feel ,while the infusion of rosehip oil & saffron ensures a potent blend of goodness . Rosehip oil which is known for its rich antioxidant content,works wonders for the skin..Only few handpicked brands sell the purest rosehipoil & blenditraw is one of them..... Aarushi ---Really love your efforts, enthusiasm,ur hardwork,ur knowledge behind this brand ..

Purest form of Aloe Gel

I have used a lot of Aloe gels from various companies, but this is the best one. It’s so soothing and cool. This should be a must for all. Thank you team!


I am using rosehip oil and aloe vera gel on my face and both are amazing.. i have combination skin and it doesn’t make my skin oily and i my skin feels so smooth. One of the best aloe vera gel i have used so far.

Didn't received the product!!!!

Quiet Unhappy with the delivery and customer service, because it's more than 20 days and I haven't recieved my order don't even have any idea when I will be receiving it or not!! I kept messaging them, and they didn't respond. I love their products but THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT WHAT I EXPECTED FROM BLEND IT RAW APOTHECARY. I even don't know when I will receive my refund. I have to write a review here so they can see because they aren't reply anywhere else.

Hi Mamta, I attempted to contact you regarding an update on your order, but your phone was switched off. As previously communicated on September 30th, we dispatched a new shipment for you last Saturday. Following that, our entire team was on an extended weekend break. We fully understand that your parcel has been delayed due to a misrouting by the courier service with your previous shipment. We are committed to ensuring a positive experience for you, which is why we sent out a replacement parcel and notified you of this action. Your order is currently in transit, and you can expect to receive it within the next 1-2 days. We sincerely appreciate your patience during this time. Thank you.