7 Ways to Use Carrier Oils in Your Skin and Hair Care

Count on cold-pressed carrier oils to give you well-nourished skin and hair. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients, carrier oils deeply nourish skin and hair. Carrier oils are usually plant-based oils extracted from nuts or a seeds used to nourish and heal the skin. They can be used alone directly or in combination with other oils. Pure, cold-pressed carrier oils are made by wood pressing the kernels, nuts and seeds of various botanical plants. There is no heat or chemical solvent involved in the process which retains the actual color, odor and nutrients of the oils. All our botanical oils are cold pressed, unrefined and non deodorized with all the goodness preserved and bottled up.

Why You Need to Use Cold-Pressed Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils generally contain components such as fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that improve the look and feel of skin and hair by adding moisture, soothing irritation, and reducing the effects of dryness. The choice of a Carrier Oil is dependent on the desired result. Carrier oils are also rich in antioxidants that protect your skin and hair from environmental damage and soothe inflammation. Natural oils (because they do not contain any added fillers or chemicals) absorb easily into the skin, protecting the skin’s lipid barrier and preventing moisture from evaporating out of the skin. And the best part about carrier oils is they are MULTIPURPOSE.

Different Ways to use Carrier Oils

  • As a facial Oil: Using Carrier Oils as facial oils helps heal damaged skin barrier, add a dewy glow and protect skin from environmental damage. They also help prevent premature skin aging. You can also add a drop or two of your favorite carrier oil to your face masks/moisturizers for added benefits.
(Rosehip Oil is great for acne scars and pigmentation. If you have active acne, choose Hemp Seed Oil. People with extremely dry skin, go for Jojoba Oil as it balances oil production. For dry, matured skin with pigmentation- a combination of Jojoba Oil and Rosehip in equal parts works great.)
  • As a primer under makeup: Facial priming using carrier oils takes priming to another level by nourishing your skin with a lightweight facial oil rich in vitamins for skin before your foundation.
(The best choice for this purpose is Rosehip Oil as it is a non greasy dry oil & leaves behind a dewy glow.)
  • As Oil Cleanser: If you follow double cleansing ritual which helps dissolve excess sebum, sunscreen and deal with clogged pores, choose any one carrier oil of choice along with Castor Oil for creating your own oil cleanser.
(DIY Oil Cleanser suitable for all skin types: Mix 1 part Castor Oil with 3 parts Hemp Seed Oil. It dissolves stale sebum and drives out grime, dirt and pollution from deep within the pores. To cleanse your face, simply massage a 1 teaspoon of this mixture on skin. Next, soak a washcloth in hot water and wipe your face thoroughly. Follow up with your normal face wash.)
  • As a Leave-on-treatment: Some oils are meant to target certain issues. For eg. Apply neem oil to treat lice and dandruff. Tamanu Oil as a spot treatment for acne. Almond Oil to soften cracked heels/lips.
  • Facial Massage: Include oils in your facial massage routine for a great slip and the extra benefits. You can also use these for Abhyangam i.e. body massage.
(Our recommendation will be to choose Almond Oil for massaging your skin. You can also add a teaspoon of Raw Honey to this for facial massage.)
  • As Hair Oil: Doing hair champi with oils has multiple benefits. All Indians have grown up using coconut oil as a hair oil. But do you know, you can include different carrier oils in your haircare ritual to nourish your scalp with different seeds and nuts.
(Choose Kalonji Oil for hair growth, Avocado Oil for dry brittle hair and Neem Oil for dry flaky scalp.)

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  • As Leave in Hair Serum: Instead of choosing refined oils or silicone based hair serums, choose to coat your hair with nutrients dense oils. Oils when applied on damp hair, lock in the moisture and add shine to dull lifeless hair.
(Jojoba Oil mixed with hemp seed oil make a perfect combination for a lightweight, non-greasy hair serum to tame frizz.)
  • Body Oil: As the winters approach, our skin needs extra nourishment. These carrier oils make simple yet effective body oils.
(If you have super dry skin, then go for Avocado Oil as your body oil. For all other skin types, a mixture of Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Oil works great as a lightweight body oil which also works on pigmentation.)

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