6 Benefits & Uses of Sal Butter for Skin & Hair

Sal butter extracted from the seeds of Shorea Robusta trees indigenous to India is a deep nourishing ingredient for hair and skin. This green colored butter is a beautiful emollient with a velvety texture that melts instantly into your skin. Sadly this exceptional indigenous ingredient isn't as recognised as our exotic imported butters like Shea or Murmuru.

Benefits of Sal Butter for Skin

  • Due to its rich oleic acid and stearic acid content, Sal Butter works as an excellent natural moisturizer and softener for dry skin
  • It is a useful ingredient to have around during winters since it helps soothe itching caused by extreme dryness on skin
  • Sal butter also contains squalene which improves skin’s protective barrier function

Benefits of Sal Butter for Hair

  • Sal Butter acts as a deep conditioner for hair and prevents them from drying out
  • It can reduce frizz by forming a protective layer between your hair and the environment
  • It also improves hair elasticity and deeply nourishes dry, brittle hair.
If your hair has been damaged due to chemical treatments, sal butter will help heal the damage, make them softer and return the shine if used regularly.

DIY Sal Butter Recipes for Skin & Hair

Follow these recipes to use Sal Butter effectively for your skin and hair:
  • Whipped Body Butter with Sal Butter:
Take 2tbsp Sal butter in a glass bowl. Melt it using the double-boiler method and mix 2tbsp of almond oil. Pop the bowl into the freezer for 10-15 minutes until the mixture is semi-hard. Now start whisking the mixture until it turns light and fluffy. Store this in a clean jar and use it all over your face and body as a moisturizer.
  • Sal Butter Hair Mask
Melt 1tsp of sal butter in a double boiler and mix it with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil together in a bowl. Apply the hair mask all over your damp hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off with shampoo.
  • DIY Sal Butter Healing Salve
Melt 2tbspns Sal Butter in a double boiler, once melted mix it well with 1tbspn of our Jojoba Oil and pop this in freeze until solid. Use this as your lip balm or body salve or even as a foot balm.

At Blend It Raw Apothecary, we offer raw and unrefined sal butter that can be used directly or whipped with carrier oils to prepare a nourishing hair mask or body butter. Buy it here. Just single ingredient- nothing else added to it!

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