Ethically Sourced Indian Ingredients For Skincare & Aromatherapy

At Blend It Raw Apothecary, our ingredients come straight from nature in their purest forms. We supply cold pressed, unrefined carrier oils, steam distilled hydrosols and essential oils, shade dried herbs and herbal powders, clays and butters which are all ethically sourced from small farmers, NGOs, certified organic manufacturers and suppliers all across India. We keep travelling across places to join our hands with communities locally making the ingredients that we offer and we are delighted to continue adding other ethically operated, organic communities and suppliers, offering you the purest possible ingredients available. indian ingredients for skincare and haircare, organic ingredients supplier

Why we stand out?

-For us, "organic" isn't just a buzzword. Our brand thinks beyond organic certifications. We work hand in hand with small farmers who are growing crops traditionally in India. Thinking practically, buying organic certifications for farms require deep pockets and we refrain from working with big farmers. Instead our brand stands to procure raw material from small batch farmers and distillers who have expertise in their herbs. By buying from us, you are supporting them too. - We believe in being 100% transparent and sharing the actual behind the scenes about how your ingredient was made. Please feel free to drop us an email to enquire about any of our ingredient. - We don't hoard ingredients which lose potency with time. You will always get freshly produced cold pressed oils, hydrosols and essential oils. Almost all the ingredients are produced every 15 days in really small batches. Most of the herbs are seasonal, hence most of our hydrosols, carrier oils and essential oils are seasonal too and you will never find us selling them in off season. - We are only working with Indian Ingredients to make sure we are directly involved in the production of each and every ingredient we are selling. We want to bring you the best possible quality of the huge variety of ingredients that our country offers. - Each of our products is procured after proper analysis of quality, is tested multiple times on friends and family, before getting packed with utmost care. All these products promote the idea of creating spa at home and pampering your skin with organic products offered by nature. You can either use our products directly or whip them up with a product of your choice. All you need is to have fun while taking care of your body and just DO-IT-YOURSELF! Blend It Raw Apothecary strives to be your go-to store for authentic, clean, and pure ingredients. You can shop from us HERE. If you have bulk ingredients requirements, please email us on or Whatsapp us on 8929632789.
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